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Cookies and Data Statement


Collection, storage and use of information

GraceNotes Acapella collects and stores information that you provide to us through this website. Appropriate security is in place to protect information that is collected and stored by GraceNotes Acapella.

GraceNotes Acapella holds and uses your data for the purposes of GraceNotes Acapella business only. We will never sell your information. We will not share your information with anyone else, except with other service providers identified elsewhere in this statement, or where we are required to do so by law.


Your consent for GraceNotes Acapella to collect and store your information can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Data Controller at


Information is also collected and stored by Wix (our website host), and Google (our email and analytics provider). How Wix and Google collect, use and store your information can be found in the following links:




This website uses Cookies. This is to:

  • provide a great experience for site visitors.

  • monitor and analyse the performance, operation and effectiveness of the platform.

  • ensure the platform is secure and safe to use.

  • generate statistical information.


More information about Cookies can be found here.


Other websites

When you click links on this website, they may redirect you to another site. GraceNotes Acapella is not responsible for the practices, policies, security or content of other sites.


Changes to this Statement

We reserve the right to modify this Cookies and Data Statement at any time. Modifications will take effect immediately upon their upload to this website.

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